November 2019 NIKA of the Month

Tim Tylec was voted Crossfitter of the Month for November by his coaches. He has been a standout personality since he joined Crossfit Nika, and has been working hard toward his goals. We asked him some questions, here are his answers:

  1. How did you hear about Crossfit Nika? I heard about Crossfit Nika by the great Frank Sclafani, challenging me to come.
  2. What made you come in for a No Sweat Intro for the first time? What made me eventually come was finding myself in a rut with my own personal fitness goals and looking for a challenge.
  3. Did you feel nervous or intimidated after your No Sweat Intro? I was nervous to see how non inshape i was but Coach Nikki just kept moving me and encouraging me along the process. Top notch awesome sauce.
  4. Favorite WOD or movement? Lets see, favorite WOD or movement has to be any leaving me tired or this is gonna hurt the next day haha.
  5. Tell us about a friend or friends you have made at Nika. Everyone is my friend haha. It has been great to get along with this community and cheer everyone on as well the support in my life. It has been a difficult past few months but what has helped has been the support that has shown to me as well just the nice compliments. I hope we can all agree we all like compliments, keep them coming haha.
  6. What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far? Biggest accomplishment was breaking put those dance moves at Prom and getting first in one of the Crossfit open workouts.
  7. What is your next goal? Next goal is to continue working my way to Rx as well hopefully compete in a CrossFit competition.
  8. How has CrossFit helped with your job, hobby, everyday life? CrossFit has helped me functionally with good movements in daily living as well when a difficult situation arises or great pain I know physically I can handle as well emotionally, the storm only last for so long. I keep the phrase in my head “To where are you marching” what is m goals.
  9. What is your spirit animal? Well as you can imagine my spirit animal being something super hyper but I believe it to be a lion, strength, honor, courage.
  10. What is your favorite song to workout to? Favorite song by far to work out to is “Can’t stop me now” Queen
  11. What advice would you give others who are thinking about signing up for a No Sweat Intro? My advice to those who are thinking of a no sweat intro, just do it. You can sit there and think how you should do it as well come up with all the negatives, is this for me, can I do it, YES YOU CAN!!! Make a choice and go if its the avenue you are not supposed to be on you will know, but I guarantee you will not regret it!
  12. I’m Tim Tylec and I approve these messages.

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