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I have been working out at Nika Athletics for three years now and with the help of the coaches and other athletes I have accomplished the goals that I had set for myself and have set additional goals to work on moving forward. The coaching staff and everyone I've met there have been extremely supportive and encouraging. I would recommend them to anyone at any level of physical fitness or age. Looking forward to this next year and accomplishing my new goals!
If you are looking for more than a gym Nika Athletics is your place. Being a Nika means joining a community of people who care about you in and outside of the gym, encourage you and stick through it til the end of the work out with you! I joined Nika in March 2018 and this place has changed me. When I walked in the door there was no way I could run 1/4 of a mile let alone a mile. But through persistence, commitment and a whole lot of Nikas cheering me on I can run a mile non stop! You not only strengthen your body but Nika Athletics helps you connect with your mind & heart.
Janice has lost over 50 pounds! Found endurance and the strength to do all the things she loves! "I've learned the importance of tracking my food intake, including macros. How much easier it is to stay active when you find something you really like to do and have friends to do those things with!"

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