October 2019 NIKA of the Month

Congratulations to Chris Nestle for being chosen by his coaches as Crossfitter of the Month for October. We asked him some questions, and here are his answers.

1 – How did you hear about CrossFit Nika? I live pretty close to NIKA and I would have to pass it to get to the Red Barn.

2 – What made you come in for a No Sweat Intro for the first time? Brad Strickland first mentioned I should try NIKA. Then after putting it off a while my wife signed me up!

3 – Did you feel nervous or intimated after you No Sweat Intro? A little bit, but everyone was so welcoming right from the start.

4 – Favorite WOD or Movement? I like all the gymnastics stuff, handstand push ups and rope climbs are probably my favorite.

5 – Tell me about a friend or friends you have made at NIKA? There are so many I usually get to the 430 class and everyone is awesome.

6 – Biggest accomplishment thus far? Not throwing up yet. And probably ring muscle ups.

7 – Next goal? Get strong enough to RX every workout like the big dogs.

8 – How has CrossFit helped with your job, hobby, everyday life? CrossFit has been a life changer for me. I was in a rut not working out consistently and I missed the competitiveness of sports. I feel better physically and mentally now at 40 than I ever had before. Plus I’m pretty sure I don’t yell at my kids as much anymore!

9 – What is your Spirit Animal? The internet says the owl.

10 – Favorite Song to workout too? Anything 90s rap but I admit since KC left I have missed the Spice Girls.

11- What advice would you give others who are thinking signing up for a No Sweat Intro? Stop putting it off and just do it. You won’t regret it.

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