Let’s talk shoes!

So you’ve tried CrossFit, found you liked it and are sticking around, but your shoes look nothing like the more experienced CrossFitters in your gym. Time to go buy new shoes?

Eh, not yet.

Traditional running shoes are not great for lifts and most CrossFit movements other than running, but you may have another pair of shoes in your closet that are great for lifts and other movements. See if you have a pair of Vans or Chucks, or any sneaker that is relatively flat, toe-to-heel.

Flatter shoes will help you feel your foot more, learn to shift back onto your heels and eventually the tripod foot balance needed for CrossFit.

Once you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while and see a sale on CrossFit shoes, go for it! But don’t throw all your money at it until you need to.

I asked around the gym and received varied answers as to the “go-to” CrossFit shoes. Nanos may be slightly more popular than Metcons (Coach Skeeter says Nano 2’s are the only ones that matter and they are amazing for an all around shoe). Some people like trainers, which are not CrossFit specific. Some people have lifting shoes, others still train in their running shoes. Ultimately it all comes down to preference and what makes your feet happy!

Also, the picture attached to this article is of my shoes, every shoe I’ve every done a WOD in except the pair that fell apart they were worn so often and are now in the trash.

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