How to have a healthy pregnancy

Coach Jess is back for another question that was not one of the internet’s most popular fitness questions, but very easily could be, “Can I work out while pregnant?”

Yes. Yes! A thousand times over, yes! Provided your doc has given you the thumbs up, physical activity is SO beneficial during pregnancy! It can help ward off swelling, back and joint pain, and excess weight gain. It’s also a great mood booster and stress reliever… And what mama-to-be couldn’t benefit from that?!

Your workouts will look a little different during pregnancy, particularly beyond the first trimester. It’s important to avoid anything where you risk impact or falling. Being inverted is out. Abdominal strain is a no-no. As your belly grows, you’ll likely need to switch from a barbell to dumbells. And always, ALWAYS listen to your body… Pregnant or not. Just because you can usually do xyz, or lift a certain amount of weight doesn’t mean it’s appropriate during pregnancy.

I’ve personally done CrossFit through two pregnancies. I stayed safe, hydrated, modified my workouts, and listened to my body. If you’re expecting and want to keep up with your fitness routine, I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with you!

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