February 2024 NIKA of the Month: Ross

Congrats to February’s NIKA of the month: Ross! He is an absolute trooper as he is often the first to test out new programming for NIKA Athletics’s personal training, located in Deland, FL. His sense of humor and dedication to his health makes it super easy to work with him, as either his coach or workout partner. Read on to learn more about Ross.

1 – Tell us about yourself. Who are you outside of NIKA? I am an Account Manager for White Cap Construction Supply. Married with two beautiful daughters who are 5 and 7. I love to spend time with family and friends and I love fishing, hunting and being outdoors. 

2 – What brought you to NIKA? Why did you choose us to start your wellness journey with us? I was looking up gyms in town that had personal trainers. I was able to shoot Nika a message and someone followed up promptly. They made it easy and when I went for the first meeting they basically were constructing a workout plan that was exactly what I wanted and needed. Accountability being number one. 

3 – Did you feel nervous or intimated before joining? Why? Yes. I wasn’t sure about joining a “cross-fit” gym. I hadn’t worked out in years and was worried about getting injured. 

4 – How has that changed? They immediately made it known that I wasn’t going to be doing anything I wasnt comfortable doing. They taught me and still teach me how to perform every movement/workout in the correct way. They preach form above weight. 

5 – Were there any movements that you anticipated not liking, but found you enjoy? Also, what is your favorite workout or movement? I never really worked out legs in my life much at all. I like squats now much more than I thought or I previously did. Just not a BSS. I like upper body workouts. Bench press, shoulder press, etc. 

6 – How has your life changed since starting with NIKA? How has NIKA helped with your job, hobby, everyday life? First, I am in better shape than I was no doubt about it. Everyday things I do have gotten easier. I am much stronger. I am also eating healthier. 

7 – What is your greatest accomplishment so far? Just staying consistent. Actually showing up every week for workouts and giving 100%. 

8 – What is your next goal? I just increased the workouts to 3 days a week and I would like to get that up to 4 days a week over the next few months. 

9 – Tell me about a friend or friends you have made at NIKA. Everyone at Nika is friendly! Eva is great, I love cutting up with her every chance we get (especially if it involves trying to get out of a workout). Super impressed with Johan and everyone who comes 4 plus days a week. That takes a lot!

10 – How do you stay motivated or consistent toward your goals? That’s why I joined Nika! So they would help me and keep me accountable to be consistent. Just that simple reminder text “hey time to setup workouts”. It also makes it much easier when you start seeing results!

11 – What is your Spirit Animal? Bear- They symbolize family, strength and are independent and strong willed.

12 – What is your favorite song to workout to? Lose yourself- Eminem

13- What advice would you give others who are thinking about signing up for a Free New Member Consultation? 100% do it! You can schedule workouts around your schedule, they will teach you all the movements and make sure your trained and ready in order to avoid injuries. All the coaches are very experienced and actually care about you and your success. And hey, its free! What do you have to lose?

Good job, Ross! Keep it up!

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