January 2024 NIKA of the Month: Leah!

Leah is an OG in the Legends group, NIKA Athletic’s class specifically for folks 55+ in Deland, Fl. She is often found helping new members find their way around, and she always has a smile on her face during the workouts

Keep reading to find out more about Leah.

1 – Tell us about yourself. Who are you outside of NIKA?    I am a mom of three kids. A grandma of 13 children. A wife of 41 years with the best man a women could have. My hobbies are playing 8 ball pool league. Boating to fish with my husband.

2 – What brought you to NIKA? Why did you choose us to start your wellness journey with us? Kraig ( my husband) started at Nika and was so about it. So I decided to give it a try.

3 – Did you feel nervous or intimated before joining? Why? Yes I was nervous. I have been a person who is competitive. But as I have gotten older it has been hard to be like that. I have pushed myself too hard.

4 – How has that changed?  I’m not nervous any more as I found a class that suits me. THE LEGENDS!

5 – Were there any movements that you anticipated not liking, but found you enjoy? Also, what is your favorite workout or movement?  Jump rope. My coordination has been off as I have gotten older. But I like it now! My favorite work out move? I have 2. The row and dead lifts.

6 – How has your life changed since starting with NIKA? How has NIKA helped with your job, hobby, everyday life?   Nika has helped to get me moving. I just have no desire to do it on my own. I don’t really like working out. But the Legends class keeps me going without hurting or pushing myself too much.

7 – What is your greatest accomplishment so far? My accomplishment so far? Is I keep going. And I am most the time doing work outs that are yellow.

8 – What is your next goal? My next goal? Is to get to Orange and move on up the color chart!

9 – Tell me about a friend or friends you have made at NIKA. Angie, Annie, Sandra, Deana, Arlene, Jose, Tim. My whole class!!! I love working out with all of them!

10 – How do you stay motivated or consistent toward your goals? I stay motivated toward my goal. Because my husband is a coach. He loves it and is so devoted to staying healthy. He is what really keeps me going. He motivates me.

11 – What is your Spirit Animal? Spirit animal. My first thought was a Dove. I am a peace keeper. I can’t handle dissention. I want everyone to get along. But that isn’t an animal. So if I had to choose an animal. It would be a Giant Panda. They are timid. They avoid confrontation. They rarely fight. They are docile and tolerant of people. LOL

12 – What is your favorite song to workout to? Fav song. Anything hard rock.  Like Shinedown, Lincoln park, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack. You get the picture.

13- What advice would you give others who are thinking about signing up for a Free New Member Consultation? Its free!!! Try it! You might really like it. There are different classes you could find you fit in.

Keep going, Leah!

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