Do you lift? You should.

Fitness in 100 Words, part two.

If you haven’t read Monday’s email yet, go and do that now. Then come back because today is part two.

“Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch.”

Some of these sound terrifying. Deadlift. Snatch. C&J? I get it. So why am I suggesting you do these things?

One, most of them you’re already doing in your everyday life, you just haven’t appropriately named them and you may be doing them incorrectly.

Deadlift = picking something up from the ground, using your legs (we prefer the posterior chain, your hamstrings and glutes).

Clean = picking something up from the ground and moving it to a place to be transferred, the shoulders.

Press = moving an object from shoulders to overhead (how often do you put groceries or miscellaneous items on shelves above your head).

C&J = clean and jerk = picking something up from the ground to the shoulders, then moving it overhead.

Squat = sitting down and standing up.

Functional movements. You do them everyday. We teach you how to do them under load, aka with weight.

This means your maintaining or growing your muscular strength, you’re making deposits into your longevity 401k. Strength in this case means no one needs to assist you when you’re 85 with putting away groceries, getting off the toilet, or lifting your grandchildren.

Lifting weights also transfers over to bone strength. Strength training puts your bones under stress, which can increase your bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Which means you’re less likely to break something if you fall, and you’re healing time will also likely be reduced.

Now the scariest things I’ve mentioned are no longer the lifts performed in the gym, but falling and breaking bones, or having someone get me off the toilet.

What do you think?

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