Can you get ripped without steroids?

Coach Sarah’s answering the next question in our “Ask a Coach” series, “Is it possible for the average person to maintain a ripped muscular physique year round without the use of steroids?”

Both men and women have hormones that contribute to muscle growth and development. Men have much higher amounts of testosterone which allows them to build muscle and stamina much faster and more powerful than women. Steroids taken outside of what we naturally produce are dangerous, and can effect all systems of the body in a negative way especially if taken for many years and never cycling off of them. They mask problems in the body and reduce our inflammatory response, which can also lead to organ damage and over-training. Who truly wants that? Muscle growth and development is most healthily obtained through regular training, good nutrition and sleep. Use of steroids will cause more side-effects immediately and also later on in life. The goal of training is not to take years off of our lives, but to add to them.

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