You’re never too young, old, or in the middle to start

“I am 29 and I’ve never worked out. Will I be able to get a good physique and muscle mass even if I start at this age?” In this post for “Ask a Coach,” Coach Skeeter has your answer.

Age has zero relation to making the positive change to apply fitness to your daily life. Yes, obviously when you’re younger your metabolism is faster, however it does not determine the positive journey each person can have.

It is recommended to make small changes when one has no fitness background. For instance, the demand for the gym time would not be starting at 5-7 days a week. A more reasonable expectation would be going 3-4 times a week. Another key factor is understanding how the body and core muscle groups work. Being led by the right instructor will show you it’s not about how much weight can be moved at one time but rather the equal balance of lighter weight but excellent quality of movements.

The word “diet” can scare a lot of people who are wanting to get fit; we have all heard the phrase “it starts in the kitchen.” Individuals with minimal fitness background should start with small changes – drinking 1 soda a day instead of 2, drinking 3 glasses of water a day instead of 2, eating healthier snacks and smaller portions at mealtimes. Small changes will bring progress to show it. It REALLY does work by making small changes at a time.

To conclude, “Do something rather than doing nothing” is a popular phrase, however your journey by adding these positive changes will reap tremendous benefits, not only physically but emotionally as well. You will love the results you have from becoming healthier at any age!

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