This guy lost 300 pounds with CrossFit!

I just read an article over at Men’s Health about a man who lost approximately 300 pounds with CrossFit (it’s approximate because he believes he weighted over 500 pounds at some point but doesn’t know for a fact). What I saw while reading it though, and you’re welcome to go find it or ask and I’ll share the link, was CrossFit isn’t why he lost 300 pounds.

What happened was that he finally made the decision to take care of himself. He hit a point where he knew it would be carry on as is and die soon, or make a change and live longer. He gave up the sodas and fast food, which instantly led to 40 pounds gone. Then he started working out, CrossFit was the vehicle he chose to lose weight and probably the best one in my opinion.

My point is, CrossFit is great, it’s wonderful, it can change your life, but if you don’t make the choice to put yourself first and walk in those doors, it’s not doing you any good. You can also walk in those doors, turn around and never come back, and it’s still not doing you any good. Until you decide, this is the moment where I see my body for what it is and understand what it truly needs (exercise & diet), nothing will provide any benefit to you.

Choose yourself, choose your health, make it a priority.

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