Fitness in 100 Words, part five

We’re almost through breaking down Fitness in 100 Words! Here is today’s part:

“Regularly learn and play new sports.”

What’s the point of doing all these things (gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio) if you’re not going to use it?! Now, sports doesn’t have to mean basketball or soccer or some other organized sporting event.

One thing I hoped to be able to do after joining NIKA Athletics in Deland, Fl, was to be able to try a stand-up paddleboard. I didn’t have great shoulder stamina or strength, and kayaking already proved difficult, but paddleboarding was something I still wanted to try.

After a couple years in the gym, I finally got the opportunity to try it! And I spent over five miles paddleboarding. It was fantastic!

I also noticed my athleticism improved in other activities that I regularly participated in. My stamina for hiking improved. I tried skateboarding.

Your fitness, learning new things and improving your it, will give you confidence and take some of the fear out of trying something new. So try the things! All of them! Or just the ones that you’ve always wanted to but was too afraid to try.

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