Fitness Fraud

I read an article titled, “The Greatest Fitness Scam.” Basically it stated that Americans spend the most money toward health and fitness, but still rank the lowest in their actual health.

One of the reasons stated for this discrepancy is “lack a supportive and communal exercise culture.” I can say from personal experience, this can make or break your fitness journey. I would have told you five years ago, “No, I’d rather workout alone.” Then I decided to give CrossFit a chance because keeping myself accountable to all of the exercise plans I came up with on my own wasn’t working.

Beyond finding that I enjoyed the competitiveness of working out in a group setting, I found that the accountability and camaraderie found there is the tool I needed more than anything.

Yes, if you join NIKA, a coach will reach out to you if they notice you have not attended class in a while. But so will the other members. You will make friends through your sweat sessions, you will find partners to your fitness goals, and when they have not seen your face in a week, one (or several of them) will also reach out to you.

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