December 2019 NIKA of the month

Maeve Jemison was voted December’s NIKA of the Month because is a definite bright spot in the AM classes. Read on to see her answers to our questions.

  1. How did you hear about Crossfit Nika? I heard about Crossfit Nika years ago from TK and Tammy. Did a couple of classes, found out I was pregnant and promptly quit working out. Fast forward two years and I get an email from Ashley inviting me to coffee. I’m so glad I took her up on that coffee! We chatted about life, working out, and me building a booty and getting flat abs and I decided to come back and try the no sweat intro.
  2. What made you come in for a No Sweat Intro for the first time? I was in such a rut at the Y. It was boring, I didn’t push myself, and I was tired of watching people on the stair master torture device or doing 10 RPMS on the recumbent bike as they stared off into la la land. It was so depressing! Plus wanting to boost my booty and flatten my abs.
  3. Did you feel nervous or intimated after your No Sweat Intro? Not nervous at all. I’m super competitive so I just wanted to learn and get better.
  4. Favorite WOD or movement? I have no one favorite. That is what I love about Crossfit. It’s always something different; you’re always working on different skills. It’s like I want to do the ones I am worst at the most so I can be like all the other rockstar Rxers.
  5. Tell us about a friend or friends you have made at Nika. Friends I’ve made, the Strawburgs. Sean and Carly and their cute little baby Deano. She did my hair for prom, and we always get coffee and talk fashion. And Sean is always competing with Mat so there’s always joking and dissing wars going on. So it’s a fun time when either of those are around. I love them!
  6. Biggest accomplishment thus far? I’ve gotten so many gains that it’s hard to peg one as the best. But when I got my first rope climb as Coach Dave talked me to the top with his superb coaching skills… Or after getting PT with Skeet and she taught me kipping pull-ups, and I did one pull-up so perfect and had so much momentum that my neck hit the bar! Those were both awesome, but it’s basically whenever one of my classmates yells, “Go Maeve!” during a WOD. I love the camaraderie around this place. It’s so invigorating!
  7. Next goal? Dubs and handstand walks.
  8. How has Crossfit helped with your job, hobby, everyday life? Crossfit has changed my body, makes me feel like a kid again, boosted my fitness and strength, and even improves my marriage. I mean, have you ever seen Mat Jemison workout without his shirt?
  9. What is your spirit animal? Jesus Christ is my spirit animal and Lord and Savior.
  10. Favorite song to workout to? It’s surreal to do burpess to Van Halen’s “Jump.”
  11. What advice would you give others who are thinking about signing up for a No Sweat Intro? Go get you a cute workout outfit and do it! Then, be prepared to feel like a badass everyday you walk out of that gym!

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