A different story of motivation for you.

I have a different sort of motivational email for you today.

I want you to meet Deb. This is her.

She’s one of many members that have joined NIKA Athletics, in Deland, FL, in the last several months for a very specific reason. She and the others all joined because someone else in their lives needed help. Physical help. Help moving from their beds to chairs. Help eating. Help doing everyday activities that we often take for granted that give us so much freedom.

Deb, Kathy, Elaine, and Karen (pictured below) are not exactly in the prime of their youths where physically assisting another human move around is easy for them. They realized their own limitations and chose to get better!

They all joined NIKA so they could get stronger. So, they could be healthier. So, they could take better care of themselves, allowing them to better aid the people in their lives that needed them.

A lot of times, you hear that someone joined a gym to lose weight, and they did! They joined to look better. They joined to impress people the next time they saw them at a wedding, reunion, etc.

Rarely do you hear these stories. But we hear them quite often now, and thought maybe it’s time you heard them, too.

If you’re ready to take better care of yourself, so that when someone else needs you, you’re ready, click the HERE.

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