What it actually takes to lose fat, get healthy, and change your body, part two

In the last post, we discussed the surprising facts regarding the effort needed to make changes.

Perfection is not required, but some amount of effort is.

Surprise #2: Showing up between 50-79% of the time actually makes a big difference. 

This percentage of effort creates a beautiful balance between half-assing and getting results. It’s the magical place between “not too difficult” and “making real progress.” 

Precision Nutrition’s (PN) data showed no statistical difference between groups that achieved this level of consistency, whether it was 50-59%, 60-69%, or 70-79%. 

You don’t even have to be “pretty good” (doing healthy habit practice and workouts at least have the time) to get these results:

  • Men lost an average of 6 pounds more than guys who did less.
  • Women dropped one more pound and lost 4 inches more total.

This approach also saw more burned through belly fat, as both men and women lost those inches around their waist. Shrinking the fat around the midline means less risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other metabolic health problems. 


Does half-assed effort sound appealing to you? Click HERE to get started toward a healthier you.

In health, Diane

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