What it actually takes to lose fat, get healthy, and change your body, part three

Ready for surprise #3? It’s a great one.

Surprise #3: Being at least 50% consistent with your health and lifestyle improvements might be easier than you think.

If you make small, manageable changes, and especially if you get help from a coach with them, you can be pretty consistent. Even you, covered in dog hair, carrying three bags and two kids, and running late to soccer practice. 

Even though they feel like they’re not doing enough, most of PN’s clients end up in the 50-79% consistent group. 

Put this into perspective of your life…

If you could figure out how to organize breakfast and lunch a little better than usual, a wild, hectic, last minute dinner delivery that you scarf down without considering portions would not be so bad.

So, nailing a healthy breakfast and lunch plus the occasional snack could put you at eating well and mindfully 17 (fourteen meals over seven days, three snacks during the week) out of 28 weekly meals. That’s 60%. Drop the snacks and just hit a healthy breakfast and lunch every day, you’re at 50%.

Look at another habit: you want to drink less wine. 

If 100% consistent is never drinking, 50% is half of what you typically consume, and 0% is drinking without thought, how does drinking less look now?

If you typically consume three glasses each night and you drop down to one glass, you’re at 66% consistency. 

You don’t need to be a superstar.

Perfect? No, but definitely better. And better is the goal.

In all these examples, there’s lots of wiggle room. And the data from PN shows that you will still come out ahead.

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