What it actually takes to lose fat, get healthy, and change your body, part four

Three more surprises to go! 

Surprise #4: Even super-dramatic changes don’t require 100% consistency.

Obviously, if you’re after big changes, you will have to be more consistent than most. But even so, you still don’t have to be perfect.

PN’s data shows that being 80-89% consistent with your nutrition and lifestyle habits can result in significant and sustained losses in body weight and waist size.

As we have done before, let’s look at how this might actually look in everyday life.

Looking at the practice of eating nutritious meals, those made of mostly whole, fresh, minimally processed foods with lots of quality stuff in them.

If you eat four meals a day, that is 28 meals for the week. Achieving 80% consistency is about 22-23 quality meals, with 5-6 meals as not so great. 

Another habit, you’re trying to cut out desserts. If you’re accustomed to eating dessert after every dinner, then 80% consistent would mean eating dessert once or twice a week.

While that is a big change, it’s not a total cut off. You’re still having dessert each week, just less often. 

How does surprise #4 feel now? Doable? 

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In health, Diane

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