What can you do and how will you feel after attending 25 classes?

I sent my friend Jessica this email after her attending 25 classes.

“Wow! Congratulations! You have attended 25 classes.

What have you seen change in your everyday life, now that you have created a new healthy habit? What has been your favorite “Bright Spot”? Email me back. I love to hear all about it. ”

She responded with the most beautiful email back. I know her words will inspire you. Because they inspired me!

“Hey Ashley,
This was a great reflective piece. I can’t believe I have done a full month of Crossfit already. Time flies.
So I have been thinking about your questions. I realized that a lot has changed since the end of March for me.
I walk faster, so I walk to work and to every meeting I have throughout the day and with looking back I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I walk, how quickly I travel from one place to another and the best of all how less winded I am. There have been many times in the past that I had to plan in several minutes before a meeting to just cool down and catch my breath.
My core is stronger, I’ve noticed that my posture is stronger. Washing dishes is easier, my back used to hurt. I have more control with my core as well. Not that I should have to suck it in… but the control I have with being able to is so much better than it has been in a while.
Lastly, confidence. Lashon mentioned to me the other day that all the times I’ve ever gone to the gym I’ve always worn baggie clothing. Something I haven’t noticed but he has is that I am more confident in me. Thank you for that.
A bright spot… of course has to be the people. Regardless of who I’m in class with it’s always fun, friendly and motivating. It’s amazing how we motivate one another and pick each other up.
The coaches are awesome too!
Nikki is a great motivator. I’ve been so blessed to have started this journey with her as my foundations coach. I could have walked away if she pushed too much or even coached too little. She has created an environment where I challenge myself but also stay safe and create an awareness of my boundaries.
I love a coach session with Carl. I always feel challenged and he is so patient with a beginner like me. I actually think I get the most correction from him. He always catches when things are off to make sure I am maximizing my work out but most importantly my form. His corrections have helped me get further each day. His choice of music is always rocking too!
Didn’t mean to write so much. But I am truly thankful for taking the leap, testing my assumptions about what Crossfit has to offer me, and getting out of my comfort zone.

Jessica Day”

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