Nutrient-Dense VS Calorie-Dense

Do you know the difference? Nutrient-Dense foods provide us with vitamins and minerals essential to life. These foods give us the things we need for muscle tissue growth, performance, development and health maintenance. This does not just mean nutrient-dense foods give us strength, but they also provide our entire bodies with the right amounts of electrolytes and macronutrients to perform its daily duty. Without them, we cannot perform to the best of our abilities. Calorie-dense foods give us calories but may not include nutrients. For example, a burger and fries is filled with calories but lacks nutrients. It give us energy but the sources are not complete or valuable. In times of famine, this option would be favorable but because we have access to food, our choices should more regularly provide us with nutrients and these foods are usually much lower in calories. A slice of pizza simply does not offer the same nutrients as a green salad with various vegetables and grilled chicken; but you could eat a whole lot more of the latter compared to the pizza for the same amount of calories. Am I saying to never eat pizza again? No. I love pizza and I’d never say such a thing. But it’s about majority of the time; choose nutrients over calories. Your body will thank you for it!

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Coach Sarah

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