Most underrated fitness tips

In this episode of, “Ask a Coach,” Coach Tameka answers, “What are your most underrated fitness tips?”

Sleep! Proper sleep is important for our health as it helps us to be more productive, reduces injuries, and aids in the recovery of our muscles (as well as reduces our risks of heart disease). Recommended sleep for adults is between 7-8 hours a day…get to snoozing!

Patience! How many times have we started a fitness program and expected immediate results? Most things that are important and we want to be successful at require time and time means patience.

Consistency! Consistent effort = consistent rewards/payoff.

Never skip the warm-up…or the recovery! We need to prepare the body for a workout as the warm-up helps to get the blood pumping through the body and muscles. The recovery is just as vital in order to prevent injury, slow the heart rate, and reduce muscle stiffness. Use of a foam roller, bands, or just some good post wod stretching will reduce soreness the day after.

Improving endurance is just as important as building strength – the combination of these two will keep you progressing towards your goals. Don’t skip a workout because it might have running or rowing in it. These type of words are great for conditioning and building endurance aka your “engine.”

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