Love Others As We Love Ourselves

My friend Nilka was so inspired by Jessica’s story that she was brave enough to share it with me and now she wants to share it with you. Nilka is the kindest of souls who loves her family deeply and in loving them so deeply she is learning to love herself!

Read her story below and let it inspire you.


“Crossfit NIKA has helped me start a journey that I have never realized how much I needed.

We are to “love others as we love ourselves” That last part of that scripture is something I struggle with. Loving myself and taking care of myself was never on my to-do list. I always felt kind of selfish every time I try to do something for myself. I love people, I love my family, I love my job, etc… But I realized I could never love to my full potential if I don’t really take care of myself and feel good about myself. The last two years I have been struggling with tiredness, weakness, achy bones and emotional unbalance. I realized I needed to make a change in my life and for the ones I love.

I found Crossfit NIKA online and I decided to send a message and see what response I got. I received a quick response and felt this genuine desire from NIKA staff to help me. First I met coach Skeeter, she was motivational and helped me find a program that will fit my schedule (and she speaks spanish! :-D) Then i met coach Nikki, oh what a loving and sweet coach! she taught me all the fundamentals, i took my baby steps with her guidance. I had my first group WOD with coach Ashley she is so full of a contagious energy and helped me scale my WOD, then i met coach Emily and coach Carl they are the ones who challenge me and say things like “hey put some more weight on that, i think you can do more…”

Since the beginning with all the professional coaching and motivational staff, I started feeling confident, strong, fast and capable of doing things i didn’t even know I could do. I feel physically and mentally healthier. It feels so good to be surrounded with positive people that will never judge you and will build you up! I am learning to love myself and to take care of myself. I am really enjoying this journey and i want to keep getting better at it. I want to keep committing to give myself this opportunity and the care i need for my own wellness. The more i take care myself the more i can love others. NIKA Athletics has open my eyes to a new me!”

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