Kids and lifting

Coach Dave is our coach for the Varsity Kids (11-16) class, so who would be better suited to to answer the next question in our “Ask a Coach” series, “Is weightlifting at a young age bad for you?”

Should kids lift weights?

Short answer: YES

Long Answer: I am sure at some point we have all heard that “weightlifting can stunt a child’s growth”. Find me the evidence…I’ll wait. This is a common misconception and simply not true. Weightlifting with proper form can most definitely help strength & condition children leading to increased performance in their respective sports (if they play sports. If not…They will just be in better physical condition. Win-win in my book.) Weightlifting with improper form is bad for anyone, not just kids. Playing sports with improper form can lead to injury. It’s critical that children master the basics aka bodyweight exercises and eventually progressing to lifting kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, etc.


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