Hacks for building muscle?

Next up in our, “Ask a Coach” series, What are some fitness and nutrition hacks to build muscle fast?

-Schedule your workouts at the beginning of every week. Put the days and times you will be at the gym, and stick to it, just like you do everything else in your life

-Add protein powder to yogurt, or oatmeal for a carb/protein balanced quick meal or snack

-Always bring snacks with you. No matter what. Bring a protein bar with you if there’s a potential for you to go too long without food

-Building muscle is a long process but always be working on adding weight to lifts, SAFELY. And especially adding more weights on movements that work larger muscles. i.e.; squats, deadlifts

-REST. This is the MOST important part of muscle growth. You must rest, and allow muscles to repair

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