Changing to Happy through Routine

Can we change our habits? Yes! Can we be taught to be happier? Yes, again!

There’s a connection between habit and feelings. Those habits direct us toward thoughts and moods. Positive healthy habits create the same type of thoughts and moods. This goes to say that negative, unmotivating habits will direct us toward the more negative parts in our life.

With me so far?

So, here’s the big question: Can we be taught to be happy? YES!

The first step in making ourselves happy is to live intentionally. Living intentionally only means recognizing what’s happening in your life and to you. Live life, don’t allow it to live you.

Then we need to focus on whether those moods or feelings are positive or negative. As we recognize the difference we replace negative with positive. A good way to practice this is through what we already do every Friday, BSF (Bright Spot Friday)! When you write down or intentionally think about areas in your life that you are grateful for they become “real” and encourage positive happy thoughts. If we don’t focus on positive aspects of our life it’s as if it’s all negative and our moods and feelings reflect it.

Another very important habit is exercise. Exercise reduces depression, anxiety and can change your overall health. For some, making exercise a habit is the HARD part. Two important ways to initiate a habit would be to get a “fresh start” or “habit stacking”. Getting a fresh start is seen especially around the New Year. Those dreaded but exciting New Year’s resolutions. There is something to be said about a fresh start and using one to start again with a new habit. Habit stacking is a simple way of “stacking” a habit on top of another. When I ask my Mindset athletes to practice their mindful minute, I ask them to think about their morning routine, almost everyone brushes their teeth so we stack that mindful minute on top of it. Within a week or two this new habit of the mindful minute automatically happens when people brush their teeth.

Once these positive habits are created it becomes a lot easier. We don’t ask ourselves, “should I brush my teeth this morning?” Once an exercise or any other positive habit is created we shouldn’t continue to debate whether it should be done or whether we want to do it. We’ll just do it!

Your happiness could be your best habit!

With Intention,

Stacey Dofflemyer

Nika Athletics Mindset Coach

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