Unwritten Rules at NIKA

When you walk into NIKA for the first time you may notice there are no rules displayed anywhere. A lot of “globo gyms” will have signs posted like, “No yelling!” “No dropping the weights!”

Well in CrossFit, dropping the weights is common and one of the first things you’ll notice in class, we’re pretty loud.

But we definitely have some unwritten rules at our facility.

#1 Don’t put away your weights/equipment until everyone finishes the WOD. This is out of respect for others still fighting to finish. It’s distracting to watch someone walking by with their stuff, their suffering over. Which leads to the next rule.

#2 If others are still working, cheer for them. Once you finish, catch your breath, look around – if someone else is still working out, encourage them. We have all felt the push to keep going, move faster when someone yells our name. You may be the person finishing last one day, but you will never finish alone.

Those are the big ones. The rest are easy to figure out when you’re in the box.

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